Prudential's Unified Dashboard
Prudential 2016 - 2019

A Single, Cohesive, Dashboard Experience

One of larger visions as a Design team was to create a single dashboard with all products under one umbrella. This was lofty goal, given that when I joined in 2016, we still not have single sign on, with many disparate websites.

Although this was a large challenge, we tackled it head on, in a logical fashion. When we launched new products, we made sure that it leverage many of the new assets and paradigms we set forth in our newest products.

In order for this to be successful, we often had to advocate for our single dashboard experience when a customer can view their annuities, investments, retirements, work, beneficiary and even banking information.

As mention, this was a larger undertaking. This work is ongoing, never done, and always evolving and growing, since this is directly related to our design system.

Some of our biggest challenges were:

1. Navigation
How do customer successfully transverse from product to product, or have a single product to many?

We had to make many improvements to our navigation both in the IA, language, and responsive experience.

2. Product Alignment

We began to take a unique approach to the dashboard which brought together money from all products and settled on 3 buckets, which were always evolving and personalized.

3. Constant Advocacy for growing with the customer

I often had to remind my counterparts during our initial discovery phase that we were breaking down silos, that our legacy products will fit into our new understanding - which was not just each customer having a single product, but each customer having many products.

Early concepts, directions, and beyond.