Prudential's Service Center
Prudential 2016 - 2019

How do we create a holistic service experience that decreases call volume while driving repeat online engagement?

With a lofty goal in mind to reduce call volume costs, we set out to create a robust online service experience. This enhanced experience would create alerts and notifications, status trackers, discovering important documents quickly and create many repeat drivers for our authenticated experience.
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BACKGROUND: Call volume is Increasing. how do we leverage online capabilities to decrease call volume?
In another of many firsts for Prudential, we set out to create a robust servicing capability. We began by launching notifications and alerts, status trackers, single unified areas where customers can access all of their important documents, contact numbers, transactions and other essential communication with Prudential.
Identifying core functionality that we were missing.
First and foremost, we did not have any method of driving repeat engagement. We often communicated via email but that is not very modern. We also did not have personalized alerts or notifications to bring attention to important changes, tasks, activities, within their accounts.
streamlining content and discovery - a single help center
Another major issue we discovered via analytics, was that there was no single area of our website to access your personal information, important documents, support, additional information. It was spread across our pages in various links or sometimes in the footer.

As a result, we created a Help Center focused on servicing our customers and in turn reduced call volume.

Although this was Version 1, the vision is to have all of this content under one easily discoverable page.
What is the Status of my application?
The Number One Call Center action was: what is the status of my application? What is the status of X?

As a result, working product owners all across the company - in different business units, different product groups, we created a system to handle all status activities.

Our status tracker was a flexible component, that could handle up to 5 steps, with various text length, color system, and functionality.

We also published this in our Design System and shared our content with many developers and even stakeholders to share our latest thinking.