Prudential Design System

Scaled Design System Across the enterprise
Project Overview
What began as a passion project among our team, transformed into an open source product for the entire organization to use.
My Contributions
I contributed to our design system in many ways. First and foremost, I acted as Scrum Master, offering my input to accomplish tasks for the greater good of our team. Additionally, I was responsible for building our Sketch Libraries, both low and hi-fidelity assets. We also were encouraged to expand our design system with much of our product work, establish new and innovative patterns to replace outdated or legacy elements.

A few of the components I was directly involved in were step indicators, status trackers, cards with various data and many more.

We also were very focused on ADA, leveraging the latest resources for correct color, interactions and timing, and animations. While I contributed html and css, I worked directly with a few amazing front end developers.

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