Guaranteed Income for Life

Launched Prudential's First Direct to Consumer Product
Project Overview
I am responsible for creating Prudentials first D2C customer experience. The product is a annuity but this one is a simple recurring contribution versus a lump sum of $100,00.00
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My Contributions
I worked in a flexible, agile team of product owners, developers, and business associates.
I created numerous concepts, quickly iterating and testing these concepts prior to launch.


While creating this product, I was responsible for creating all deliverables. It was a very collaborative effort - constantly working with Product Owners, Business SMEs, and developers spanning over a year to bring the product to life.

The Problem...

Creating the first direct to consumer product for Prudential and insurance industry. Within the company, this was a very transformative process with countless checkins across the company, presentations, and buy in.
Additionally, this was a transformative product that allowed for a small monthly contribution, that in time, would grow and once retired, would offer an additional stream of income.